Nik Kleverov is a Primetime Emmy-Award nominated filmmaker; purveyor of branded entertainment in the form of native content, documentaries, and commercials.

His background in music and editing foster his ability to tell rhythmic stories in short format. He gets behind the camera from time to time, and his work as a DP/director can be seen in many main title sequences.

As a creative director in the advertising business, he has won numerous industry awards and his work has been covered by most major press outlets. He continues his side career as a musician getting recognition from major publications. Nik is interested in developing television, technology content, and doing good work.

Main Titles

Narcos. Bloodline. Sun Records.


IMAX. Matternet. OfferUp.


The Grape Bet. Jim Bird. The Mosaic Tile House.

Branded Docs

AT&T. Coca-Cola. Mercedez-Benz.

Music Videos

RJD2. Queen Kwong. The Palms.

Submersive Media

Mel Brooks. Apollo 11 Mission Failure.

Zach Cox I Circle Of Confusion I 310.691.7000

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